High-speed, high-reliability internet connections to suit your business needs.

Every business requires an internet connection. Getting the right service with the right support is one of the foundations every business is built on.

KN Telecom works with our clients to understand what this service, or combination of services, is; understanding the bandwidth requirements and fallout of any downtime will help us to recommend the best solution for you, and our local help desk will give you an easy point of contact wherever an issue has occurred.

We offer a range of products, from SoGEA and FTTP up to leased lines, from all the major carriers, plus local alt-nets where appropriate, with the added option of 4G/5G or satellite services. Whatever your requirements are, we will build a solution that fits your needs.

The benefits of having a single help desk number for your internet and telecoms are huge. If you have an outage, the last thing you want is to be bounced between multiple vendors. A call into KN Telecom’s help desk is all it takes, leaving you free to run your business.