Office Chairs

Are you thinking of upgrading, improving and extending your office furniture?

There's always a good time for getting your office infrastructure in order. Bristol-based KN Office Supplies offers a wide range of office furniture for sale throughout the UK.

Here we focus on office chairs. We hope these ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for upgrading your office seating in 2019 and beyond!

Operator Chairs

KN Office supplies a very wide range of ergonomic wheeled operator chairs, ideal for computer and IT operators and general office staff.

You can browse our offerings in the office chairs category of our online furniture store and even order directly from there.

Standard Operator Chairs

The Trexus Intro Typist Chair is a cost-effective, durable and comfortable entry-level product featuring seat height adjustability between 41 and 52 cm and a slimline 22 cm backrest placed to support the small of the back. Finished in charcoal.

The Influx Gleam SoHo Operator Armchair Mesh Seat features a gas lift seat, with height adjustability from 41 to 51cm and a backrest height of 43cm. Finished in black.

High Back Operator Chairs

Our budget offering in this category is the High Back Operator Chair, finished in a choice of Charcoal, Claret and Royal Blue. An aesthetically pleasing design with deep foam cushioning and integral lumbar support, it is seat-height-adjustable between 49 and 62 cm.

The Trexus Office Operator Chair Permanent Contact High Back features seat height between 46 cm and 58 cm. The angle of the back is also easily user-adjustable. It is available in a choice of Charcoal and Blue upholstery.

The Trexus Intro High Back Permanent Contact Chair is available in a wide choice of Royal Blue, Claret, Charcoal and Black upholstery, or for a very modest price premium, Real Leather. Standing on five wheels, it features adjustable back incline and adjustable seat height between 44 and 56 cm.

The Influx Energize Aviator features a height-adjustable seat between 49 and 59 cm powered by gas lift technology, and separately height-adjustable arms. The Influx Energize Driver has the same features but a greater range of seat height adjustability, extending from 50 to 64 cm. Both are available exclusively in black.

The Influx Amaze Chair Synchronous shares the features of the Aviator but is seat-height-adjustable between 47 and 60 cm. It is available with or without a headrest.

Asynchronous High Back Operator Chairs

The Trexus Office Operator Chair Asynchronous High Back features an asynchronous back tilt, allowing the user to move the back to whatever position is most comfortable. It is also seat-height-adjustable between 46 and 58 cm, and is available in a choice of Blue or Charcoal. Optional arms can be fitted at extra cost – with a choice of fixed and height-adjustable versions being available.

The Trexus Plus High Back Chair Asynchronous is seat-height-adjustable from 46 to 59mm, in addition to offering an asynchronous tilt. Three types of arms can be fitted at additional cost: fixed, height-adjustable, and De Luxe height-adjustable. Choose between Blue and Charcoal finishes.

At the top end of the Trexus Asynchronous range is the Intro Maxi High Back Asynchronous Chair, featuring an extra large seat and back and three adjustment controls. The seat height is adjustable between 48 and 61 cm. It is available in a choice of Royal Blue or Charcoal.

Lumbar Support High Back Operator Chairs

The Trexus Lumbar High Back Operators Chair features easy push-button-adjustable lumbar support. It also comes with gas lift, back tilt adjustment, and seat height adjustability between 44 and 58 cm, and is available in a choice of Blue and Black. Optional fixed or height-adjustable arms can be separately purchased.

A little more upmarket is the Influx Posture High Back Asynchronous Armchair Seat. Featuring a sculptured seat and back giving deep back support, height-adjustable arms, and seat height adjustability between 42 and 53 cm, it is available in a choice of black and blue finishes.

An alternative to the Influx model is the Sonix Support S3 Chair. Featuring inflatable lumbar, an asynchronous mechanism, a seat slide mechanism, and a backrest height of 50 cm, it is seat-height-adjustable between 46 and 57 cm. Available in a choice of Ocean Blue and Onyx Black finishes.

Our top-of-the-line offering in this category is the Adroit Montgomery Heavy Duty Armchair. An exceptionally solid synchronous model weighing in at 32 kg when packed, it features seat slide mechanism, adjustable lumbar-support, and fully height-adjustable and width-adjustable arms. The seat height adjustment ranges from 53 to 59.5 cm, and the finish is black.

High Rise Chairs

Ideal for applications in which the operator needs to be at an unusually high position, such as laboratory and draughting work, the Trexus Lab High Chair with gas lift features seat height between 56 and 81 cm, and foot glides for optimal stability.

It is upholstered in comfortable cushioned polyurethane upholstery finished in black.

Manager and Executive Armchairs

KN Office supplies about ten different models of executive chairs, all featuring arms.

Standard-Height Executive Armchairs

The Influx Boss2 SoHo Managers Armchair is seat-height-adjustable between 43 and 55 cm, with a backrest height of 47 cm. Finished in black, it is our most affordable executive chair.

The Trexus Rutland Managers Armchair Basic Back, also modestly priced, features seat height adjustability between 44 and 56 cm, and is finished in black leather.

The Trexus Intro Sussex Manager Chair is a mid-priced offering finished in supple soft-touch leather. It features deep internal cushioning, attractive panel stitching, lumbar support, and seat height adjustability between 50 and 60 cm.

High Back Executive Armchairs

The Trexus High Back Manager Armchair features seat height adjustability from 42 to 52 cm, and is available in a choice of Royal Blue or Charcoal upholstery, or at only fractionally greater cost, Black Leather.

The Trexus Intro Managers Armchair features seat height adjustment from 44 to 54 cm and a 69 cm back height. It is available in a choice of Royal Blue and Charcoal finishes.

The Trexus Hampshire Manager Armchair is finished in black leather. With a 66 cm back height, it is cushioned and contoured for excellent back support, and fitted with height-adjustable and width-adjustable arms. The seat height adjustment range is 47 to 55 cm.

The Trexus Hampshire Plus Managers Armchair is a variation on the standard Hampshire model with the addition of a headrest. In all other respects it is identical.

The Influx Breeze Executive Armchair line is available in two different generations of design. The lower-priced model features seat height adjustment from 47 to 55 cm, a tilt action, and a backrest height of 61 cm. The premium model with style-conscious minimalist looks features seat height adjustment from 48 to 56 cm and a backrest height of 56 cm.

For the ultimate in managerial style and luxury, why not invest in the Adroit Executive Languedoc Armchair? With deep cushioning, stylishly curved armrests and a top-grade leather finish, it looks as classy as it feels, and features a 72 cm back height as well as variable seat height adjustment from 48 to 56 cm.

Conference Seating

KN Office supplies four lines of budget-friendly conference seating. Choose according to your style preferences between:

  • The Trexus Stacking Chair Upholstered with Shaped Seat – available in blue, burgundy, charcoal or black
  • The Trexus Stacking Chair Polypropylene with Seat – available in blue or black
  • The Trexus Banqueting Chair Upholstered Stackable Seat – in a choice of blue or charcoal
  • The Trexus Stacking Chair Chrome Frame with Upholstered Seat – in black, with shiny chrome frame.

Visitor Seating

KN Office supplies five different types of visitor and occasional seating to meet different budgets and purposes. We will take you through each in turn to highlight its distinctive features:

The low-cost Trexus Chair Polypropylene is a simple traditional stacking chair with wipe-clean plastic seat and back. Available in a choice of blue or black.

The Trexus County Visitor Chair Leather Cantilever is a comfortable fixed-height leather-finished chair with distinctive cantilever design consisting of front-mounted angled metal legs extending into rearward feet that meet at the back to provide stability and balance. The seat height is set at 46 cm.

The Sonix Camden Visitors Chair is a stylish fixed-height model finished in cushioned black leather, with four legs and a seat height of 46 cm.

The Influx Breeze Visitors Armchair essentially resembles the premium-priced Influx Breeze Executive Armchair model (see description under High Back Executive Armchairs above), but has a reduced back height of 40 cm, a fixed seat height of 50 cm, and cantilever metal legs and feet similar to those on the Trexus County model described above.

The Trexus Modular Reception Chair is a fully upholstered armless reception chair with short feet and a large cushion on the thick, solid base. It is finished in an attractive, cheerful mid-blue.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the range of office chair and seating solutions available from KN Office Supplies!

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