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Are accumulated files cluttering too much of your valuable office space?

You can benefit from secure off-site archival storage!

Get into space with spare change!

Are you thinking that it's time to clean up the office? Wouldn't it make sense to have all those old files around only when you need access to them? And wouldn't it also make sense if you could store them somewhere that’s already delivering things to you? Someone you already have a trusting and ongoing relationship with?

Archive storage is a service that we offer to our customers, and by combining it with existing office supplies, saving money and time when it comes to dealing with pick up and delivery, and eliminating the headaches involved in dealing with multiple suppliers.

  • Short term and long term storage options
  • We quote for all needs – large and small quantities
  • Fast delivery and retrieval
  • Delivery and retrieval is free

The best way for us to help you work out how we can help is if we talk with you directly. We like doing this by phone, so why not give us a call to discuss the options? Call us on 0117 941 4411.

Or if you're busy right now but do want to get the ball rolling, why not send us a quick email telling us what you wish to discuss and when would be a good time to do that - we'll take it from there!

Contact us by email [email protected]