Office Desks

KN Office a wide range of desks to meet the needs of your workplace, including both rectangular and radial designs.

Are you thinking of upgrading, improving and extending your office furniture?

There's always a good time for getting your office infrastructure in order.

Bristol-based KN Office Supplies offers a wide range of office furniture for sale throughout the UK.

Here we focus on office desks and tables. We hope these ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for upgrading your office workspace fittings in 2019 and beyond!

Rectangular Desks

Are you in need of new office desks this season? Perhaps your office is expanding, or you want to reconfigure your workspace with a different design of desk. KN Office Supplies sells a wide range of desks to meet the needs of your workplace, including both rectangular and radial designs.

The Trexus Classic Desk is a traditional rectangular design with solid back and sides and an attractive beech finish throughout. With a height of 72 cm and a depth of 80 cm, it is available in three width options: 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 metres.

The Trexus Contract Desk is a rectangular design with open sides and metal legs and feet. The top and back are solid, and available in a choice of oak and beech finishes. It has the same height and depth as the Classic Desk, and is available in the same range of width options. It can also be configured with a choice of matching two-drawer and three-drawer pedestals.

A similar alternative to the Trexus Contract is the Sonix Cantilever Desk Rectangular, with its own distinctive style of sleek, bold metal legs and feet. Finished in beech, it is available in the same range of width options as the Trexus model and has the same 80 cm depth.

Radial Desks

If the ergonomic and added personal workspace benefits of a corner seating position are what you desire, we have several models to choose from.

The Trexus Classic Radial shares the basic design values and beech finish of its rectangular counterpart (see above), and is available in left-handed and right-handed versions, but the radial design increases the depth at the deeper side to 1.2 metres, giving you extra space.

The Trexus Contract Radial is a similar adaptation of the rectangular model (described above). Also available in left-handed and right-handed versions, but in a choice of beech and oak finishes, it shares the added depth benefits of the Classic Radial.

Consider also the stylishly curved Sonix Radial. Finished exclusively in beech, it is also available in left-handed and right-handed variants. The main part of this desk is a relatively slimline 60 cm deep, with the radial edges extending to a full 1.2 metres, putting plenty of workspace right in front of the user. It is supplied with a matching 60 cm-deep three-drawer pedestal.

Also from Sonix is the Cantilever Radial, supplied without pedestal but configurable with any matching pedestal of your choice. It shares the beech finish of the standard Sonix Radial, but is distinguished by the greater depth of the main part of the desktop.


Want to make better use of the space under the desks in your office? We supply a wide range of Trexus pedestals in visually harmonious real wood veneer finishes. Both fixed and mobile (wheeled) varieties are available, with a variable configuration of three or in a few cases two drawers. The fixed line is available in a choice of three sizes:  52 cm deep * 47 cm high, 60 cm deep * 72 cm high, and 80 cm depth * 72 cm high. The mobile line is available in either 60 cm deep * 60 cm high or 60 cm deep * 67 cm high. Most of the range is available in a choice of oak and beech, with one or two sizes available exclusively in beech.

To complement the most modern desk style, we also supply the Trexus Sonix Filing Pedestal, a three-drawer model in solid steel with silver-look finish.


We currently offer four designs of office tables to meet your needs away from the personal desktop.

The Trexus Rectangular Table, finished in beech, with silver-look metal legs, is a generous 75 cm deep, and comes in a choice of 1.2 metre and 1.5 metre widths.

The Trexus Influx Folding Table is also a rectangular design, with the same external dimensions and material construction as the larger rectangular model, but is distinguished by its centrally positioned folding legs.

The Sonix2 Mobile Flip-Flop Rectangular Table offers a large 1.6 metre width and 80 cm depth to its beech-finished top-plate, and is fitted with four wheels under the feet extending from its mounted metal legs. It is therefore ideal for applications where ready mobility and plenty of space are needed.

The Trexus Circular Table is a round table attractively finished in beech, with a diameter of 1.1 metres and four evenly spaced metal legs.

Filing Trollies

KN Office supplies four types of wheeled trolleys for the mobile transportation of files.

We offer a choice of two sturdy steel suspension filing trolleys, each supporting 100 Foolscap Suspension Files, one of them a dark design by Rexel, the other presented in plain steel.

Alternatively, consider our robust and excellent-value Steel Filing Trolley, equipped to take up to 120 A4 or suspension files.

Where space is at a premium and security important, our enhanced Steel Filing Trolley with Lockable Lid may be what you are after. With the same basic capacity as the Steel Filing Trolley, it additionally boasts an open lower shelf for extra storage and a lockable fold-down lid. It is finished in grey powder-coated steel.

Chair-Carrying Trollies

If you need to move a lot of chairs around, you can save time and your back by investing in a chair-carrying trolley.

Choose between the lightweight Trexus Chair Trolley in black, and the 5 Star Stacking Trolley, in blue epoxy-coated steel. Despite weighing just 4 kg, the Trexus unit is rated as having the capability of moving stacks of chairs up to ten high. The 5 Star unit is heavy-duty by design, weighing in at 13 kg, and won’t let you down.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the range of office desk, pedestal, table and trolley solutions available from KN Office Supplies!

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