Why Shred

Why Shred:

  • Compliance with latest GDPR Regulation

  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998

  • All shredded paper is 100% recycled – You’re doing your bit for the environment!

  • Protects the business, your employees, clients and customers

  • Avoid fines of up to £500,000 for a data breach

  • Saves you time and money

What should you be shredding?

  • Old company stationery and business cards
  • Invoices and credit notes
  • Brochures, flyers, leaflets
  • Business plans, budgets and reports
  • Financial accounts
  • Used notebooks and notepads
  • Customer lists
  • Client service/maintenance logs and documents
  • Delivery notes 
  • Employee application forms and records
  • Medical and patient records
  • Case files

To sum it up – anything that has any personal details such as names, addresses, etc on it should be shredded.
Not just paper!

Old and outdated or damaged uniforms, hard drives and data tapes can all be shredded and destroyed securely. Give us a call for a quote.

We have been using KN Office for printing, shredding and office suppliers for nearly two years and have always found them to offer a fantastic service.  Our old printer was forever breaking down but now that we have a printer contract with KN Office we don’t have to worry or lose valuable time. They look after the maintenance of the printer for us, automatically sending ink cartridges before we run out to ensure we don’t have any interruptions.  

Neil Houghton Accounting Ltd.