Regular Service

On a pre-agreed schedule or date, our security-vetted operatives would visit your site.  Confidential waste material would be collected from secure storage containers / consoles and destroyed at your site using our mobile shredding truck. Once the material has been destroyed, we will issue a certificate of destruction, and the shredded material would be taken to be recycled.This service we provide includes all of the following:

  • Full audit trail providing a secure chain of custody.
  • Secure  lockable containers/self- seal paper security bags.
  • All material to be shredded at your premises using our security shredding truck.
  • There is no need to remove staples, paper clips and binders/folders.     
  • KN Staff vetted to BS7858 security standard and carrying photo identification will collect the confidential material for destruction.
  • Once the material is destroyed a certificate of destruction is issued together with a printout of the weight of paper destroyed and to be recycled.

We have been using KN Office for printing, shredding and office suppliers for nearly two years and have always found them to offer a fantastic service.  Our old printer was forever breaking down but now that we have a printer contract with KN Office we don’t have to worry or lose valuable time. They look after the maintenance of the printer for us, automatically sending ink cartridges before we run out to ensure we don’t have any interruptions.  

Neil Houghton Accounting Ltd.